CoGen Engineering works closely with the most of the world manufactures and suppliers of co-generations based on gas turbine and gas engine technologies.
As an organization that is not representative of a certain manufacture and supplier of equipment, CoGen Engineering has the unique chance to offer to its customers a full range of services, as:

  • Preliminary research and analysis of the opportunities for effective implementation of co-generation installations. Preliminary choosing of the type and the working parameters of the equipment;
  • Elaboration of technical documentation for equipment supply and organizing of tenders for suppliers;
  • Supporting during the process of negotiation and signing of the contracts with the respective suppliers;
  • Developing of an investment plan and assistance for its realization, including developing of projects that are participating in different tenders within the emissions reduction trading market under the Kyoto Protocol;
  • Control during the equipment construction and execution of the delivery;
  • Project and Idea evaluation according to the Bulgarian National Standards and assistance during applying and receiving of all of the necessary permits;
  • Construction and installation of the equipment;
  • Participating in preliminary tests and starting of operation (72 hours examine before starting of the operation).
  • Supporting during equipment operation (inspection, repairs and overhauls) during the process of operation.

During 2004 CoGen Engineering took participation in the process of choosing of equipment supplier for the co-generation installation with capacity of 17,5 MWe in factory of Biovet, Peshtera.
In accordance with the average yearly load profile of the heat loads of the factory, showed bellow, the management of the factory of Biovet decided to implement gas-turbine produced by General Electric. The technical scheme of the installation is showed bellow.

The construction of the project is already in its last phase. It is expected that during the autumn of 2005 the operation of the cogeneration station will begin.
Additional information for this project could be received by the project manager - Mr. Ivan Michev, who occupies the position of technical director of factory of Biovet. Phone number - 00359889302945.

In 2005 CoGen Engineering started its participation in a project that concerns the construction of four highly efficient co-generation stations in different entities owned by AKB Fores HAD. These are the Kostenec HHI JSC (paper production factory), "Polimery" JSC (chemical factory), District Heating Kazanlak and District Heating Yambol.
In accordance with the heat demands and the type of the heat needs, for the factories HHI Kostenec and Polimery were chosen co-generation installations based on gas tribune technology with electrical power of 10-12 MW each. For District Heating Yambol and Kostenec were chosen three co-generation stations based on gas-engines technology with electrical capacity of about 3-3.5 MWe. The co-generation for HHI Kostenec and Polimery are:

The power of the installations with the gas engines for District Heating Kazanlak - 2 modules each of them is with power of 3-3,5 MWe and for District Heating Yambol there is one with 3-3,5 MWe. Those capacities are been chosen in accordance with the expected summer loads, which are showed in the diagrams below. During the winter season the additional needed heat will be delivered by three "pick-up" steam generators, which are type KM-12 for DH Kazanlak and and steam generators from the same type for DH Yambol.

For the realization of the co-generation stations in all fo the four entities it is foreseen a central monitoring system for all of the equipment involved in the production of electricity and heat energy. This system is an additional step for transforming of the whole involved equipment into state-of-the-art installations.
CoGen Engineering is involved into the project as a consultancy company. CoGen Engineering should make the choice for the technology that will be used, the equipment delivery company and all of the supporting systems like water treatment installations, monitoring systems and all of the central controlling systems.
It is expected that until the end of November 2005 all of the necessary contracts for equipment delivery will be signed.
Since the end of October 2005 the preliminary project development for all of the co-generation stations will begin.
The foreseen period for the implementation of the individual co-generation stations is as follow:
DH Kazanlak and DH Yambol: 15.10.2006
Kostenec HHI and Polimery Devnia: 01.01.2007

Relevant information for this project could be received from the project developer. Mrs. Ulia Circova +359 2 9692933, E-mail.